UTC Imaging - Unparalleled Tendon Analysis


Development of UTC imaging has taken years of painstaking work and rigorous research protocols to evolve it to its current position as the leading method of imaging tendon structures in Humans and Equines.

It has not been possible in the past to look at tendons with sensitivity to detect small changes in cellular response and structural change. Paired with the Cook & Purdam model of tendon pathology UTC imaging allow Trackside to make decisions regarding tendon load and return to high performance others can only guess at.

The result is the most accurate and effective tendon management available

Returning tendons to pain free competition states is far more efficient when visualisation of the tendon response is possible. UTC technology can quantify the consistency and quality of the tendon fibrils and reflect these as a numerical value allowing discrimination to the level of 0.001%

Currently being utilised in a number of PhD projects, leading Horse Racing stables as well as at AFL club Carlton on a weekly basis to monitor tendon health across the team this technology is simply re-writing the rule book in managing tendon injuries. 

Tendinopathy and Trackside

2 UTC scans of a proximal Patella Tendon 1 week apart while under Trackside’s care

From top: Achilles scan with UTC, Greyscale image in 3 planes, UTC tendon analysis run with 3D reconstruction.

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